Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry, is the area of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses. Prosthodontics may be essentially respected as the Prosthodontics may be essentially respected as the discipline of dentistry concerned with the substitution of missing teeth. It is commonly subdivided into !xed and removable prosthodontics. As the title suggests, removable prosthodontics alludes to treatment modalities using prosthetic gadgets that can be expelled from the mouth for cleansing and upkeep methods. Fixed  odontics envelops those modes of treatment in which the substitution teeth are forever placed in the verbal depth.

Nowadays, a expansive extent of the maturing populace is motivated to “stay young”. Other than implying to physical  and allure, this state of mind moreover incorporates the maintenance of a useful and cosmetically appealing dentition. In this setting, losing one or a few teeth is a traumatic occasion and numerous individuals encounter di"culties in coming to terms with their misfortune. The quick consequences of tooth misfortune are useful (the individual is unable to chew or talk appropriately) as well as corrective (facial appearance is antagonistically . Within the long term, tooth loss regularly disables the person’s self-image, enthusiastic balance, and in general quality of life.


  •  Maxillo-facial prosthetics
  • Implant-based prostheses
  • Management of temporo-mandibular disorders
  • Dentures